Delivery and payment

Orders in Kiev are accepted:

  • Mon-Sun - from 09:30 to 24:00

Delivery is free with the minimum order amount:

  • Kiev - the minimum order is from 200 UAH
  • Bucha - the minimum order is from 500 UAH

If the order amount is less than 200 hrn. - delivery will be paid, the cost is 50 hrn.

- Orders less than 200 UAH are processed only through the Call-center!

- In orders with paid delivery, it is not possible to pay with bonuses


For cities in the region and individual locations in Kiev, delivery is carried out only if the conditions of the minimum order amount are met:

  • Vishneve - minimum order from 350 UAH
  • Sophia and Petropavlovsk Borshchagovka - minimum order from 350 UAH
  • Vyshgorod, willage Chayka, village Katerinovka, village Chapaevka (from Avtorynok till Bridivska st, 156), Zabolotnogo,st, from #35), willage New Petrovtsy, Bortnichi, Pusha Voditsa, Kotsyubinskoe - the minimum order is from 350 UAH
  • Truhaniv island, Parkova street - the delivery is up to the main stage - to the barrier. The minimum order is from 350 UAH.

This discount is not provided to all bar menu, ice-cream and lunches.

Please note that the possibility of delivery to such districts of Kiev as the Osokorki, Voskresensk and Rusanovskiy gardens in the country need to be further clarified with the operator. Since logistics in these areas is difficult, delivery is carried out only to the following key points:

  • beginning of st. Central - near the store ATB = min order 200 UAH
  • on the street. Central - restaurant "Kozachok" = min order 200 UAH
  • intersection st. Central, Collector and Maslovka = min order 350 UAH
  • intersection st. Maslovka and Podlipka = min order 350 UAH
  • on the street. Central - Belaya Dacha complex (161-Sadovaya) = min. Order 350 UAH
  • Truhanov island, Parkova st., the delivery is made till the barrier. Min. order is 350 UAH.


If the order amount is less than the minimum - delivery in Kiev is paid, 50UAH.

Pizza33 pizza delivery service adheres to strict quality standards. Therefore, in certain cases, we may refuse to deliver: due to an increased load at certain times of the day, weather conditions or traffic conditions.

We want you to get only fresh and high-quality product. Thank you for understanding!



  • National currency;
  • cash payment (courier upon delivery);
  • cashless payment (be sure to inform about the desire to pay the card to the dispatcher when you call back, the courier will arrive to you with the terminal)
  • cashless payment: You can pay for your order with a payment card. Payment is made through the payment system LiqPay. Commission for use is not charged. The option is available only for authorized users (registered and logged on the site)



Dear Clients!

We take active measures during quarantine to protect you and deliver healthy food!
Our employees all the time disinfect hands and kitchen surfaces. All our products comply with all food safety standards.
Hot dishes undergo heat treatment, respectively, the food becomes absolutely safe.
All packaging is individual and stored in compliance with sanitary standards. Our couriers work in gloves and masks, without fail use disinfectants before packing your order.

Our products are safe, be healthy and well-fed!



If the order is paid our courier leaves your order near the door of your apartment.

You can write about contactless delivery and the information about delivery details in the comment to the order or to explain it to the call center.