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Дуже смачне морозиво, дякую! Супер вкусное мороженое!
Salty caramel ice-cream


Чизкейк очень нежный и вкусный, но кусочек просто малюсенький. Обычно порция в два раза больше.
Cheesecake New York Brownie

Cheesecake or muffin?

Dessert delivery is a sweet page of our delivery! You can order a loose muffin or a juicy cheesecake at home or in the office. In the assortment there are 2 types of muffins and 2 types of portioned cakes.

We have classic muffins - the American version of the cupcake, which fits in the palm of an adult. This type of baking has a dense texture, but it refers to low-calorie dishes. Therefore, this dish can be ordered even by those who follow a diet.

Cheesecake is a dish of European and American cuisine that has firmly taken a niche in our menus. This is a curd sweetness that rarely leaves anyone indifferent! We have a loyal price for the most delicate cheesecakes that you can order online at home or in the office.

The assortment includes traditional New York cheesecake and New York Brownie cheesecake.

Indulge yourself!

You can place an order on the website or by phoning the dispatch service.

Delivery services: Kiev, Irpen, Bucha, Vorzel, Gostomel, Kotsyubinske, Chayky, Vyshneve, Vyshgorod, etc.

The self-promotion discount does not apply for desserts.