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Salad delivery as in a restaurant!

Salad delivery is delicious and healthy! Light, tasty salads are healthy, fashionable and versatile. They are ideal for dinner and as an appetizer in front of the main course, are an excellent alternative to snacks and other snacks. Fans of healthy eating and everyone who follows their figure always prefer to order salads home or in the office.

Today there are so many salad recipes, their variations, sauces for them. But what to do if there are not enough ingredients or there is no time for its preparation, and you want to enjoy your favorite salad? Salad delivery in Kiev and the Kiev region is one of the areas of the Pizza33 / Sushi33 delivery service. It is enough to choose your favorite dish on the site, order online and our delivery service will bring your favorite salad or sauce ready as soon as possible! Our prices will please you!
In any culinary tradition, there are salads in many varieties and combinations of products. Even in ancient Rome and Greece, they knew about the benefits of salads and prepared them from endive, onion, lettuce, vegetables, seasoned with salt, olive oil, wine, vinegar and even honey. In the Middle Ages, culinary experiments were not particularly allowed. The revival in France and Italy revived interest in innovations in salad recipes: they were replenished with chopped herbs, cheeses, jerky and root vegetables, abounded with exquisite dressings.

Today, the most popular, trendy since their invention are Greek salad and Caesar salad. In almost every cafe and gastronomy, you can order salads with such names as in the original recipe, and in the author's performance.

Restaurant dishes can be ordered from our menu - we have a good assortment, you can buy a salad, which includes only vegetables, or get a classic Caesar salad.

For connoisseurs of oriental cuisine, the assortment includes Asian salads with seaweed Sivid and Wakame, shih mushrooms and soy cheese tofu. Fresh and healthy salads "Pizza33 / Sushi33" offers to order for a snack and in addition to beer or rolls, pasta or wings. Kiev, Irpen, Bucha, Vorzel, Gostomel, Kotsyubinskoe, Vyshneve, Chayky, Vyshhorod - we will bring a fresh, juicy, high-quality salad from the chef to your home or office!