Club 33 Rules



These Terms of Participation in the Loyalty Bonus Program Club 33 (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) establish the official conditions for participation in the Bonus Program Club 33 (hereinafter referred to as the Program, defining the period, conditions and procedure for participation in the Program).

The rules were developed on the basis of the Civil Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine “On Information”, the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Personal Data”, other legal acts of Ukraine, as well as the internal regulations of LLC PIZZA DELIVERY.


1.1. This Program is a general loyalty program for customers of TM “Dostavka33”, TM “PIZZA33” and TM “SUSHI33” products.

1.2. This Program is aimed at maintaining awareness, sales promotion and promotion in the market of goods and services sold under the TM “Dostavka33”, TM “PIZZA33” and TM “SUSHI33”.

1.3. This Program is a contract of accession in the sense of Art. 634 of the Civil Code of Ukraine.

1.4. This Program is not a gambling, lottery, gambling business service.

1.5. The program operates exclusively in accordance with the zones and terms of delivery published on the sites:,

1.6. The organizer of the Program has the right to involve third parties in the organization and implementation of the Program at its discretion.

1.7. The program is valid indefinitely. However, the Organizer of the Program reserves the right to change or cancel these Rules, including the procedure for crediting / accumulating / writing off bonuses, the procedure for using bonuses, and / or terminate the Program as a whole at any time.

1.8. Information about the rules of the Program, making changes to the Program and / or termination of the Program is published on the following websites:, 15 (fifteen) calendar days before the planned changes or closure of the Program takes effect. Program Participants independently monitor the availability of new information regarding the Program rules, making changes to the Program, or suspending the Program.

1.9. Becoming a Participant of the Program, the Participant agrees and guarantees that he is familiar with the Program Rules, accepts and agrees to their terms in full.

1.10. The organizer of the program is PIZZA DELIVERY LLC, EDRPOU 35211507.


2.1. Within the framework of the Program, a cumulative system of accrued bonuses is implemented and their further sale for the purchase of dishes, goods, souvenirs and additional non-monetary benefits on the sites:,

2.2. The sale of bonuses for the purchase of dishes, goods, souvenirs means a decrease in the bonus cost of dishes, goods to the amount of accumulated bonuses in the manner prescribed by these Rules.

2.3. The provision of additional non-monetary benefits means the organization and conduct by the Organizer of advertising and marketing campaigns (events) for the participants of the Program, the targeted distribution of advertising, reference and other information.

2.4. Participation in the Program is free of charge and does not imply payment by the Program Participants of any payments, the purpose of which is to pay for participation in the Program.


3.1. Program participants can only be individuals.

3.2. Individuals become participants of the Program if they have made a purchase using the following websites:, or through the dispatcher of the Call Center of PIZZA DELIVERY LLC with the obligatory indication of the mobile phone number of the Ukrainian GSM operator; or if they are registered on the website or

3.3. An individual becomes a Participant of the Program from the moment of performing any of the actions specified in clause 3.1. Rules At the same time, bonuses are activated (become available for use) only for Program Participants and only after making the first purchase of goods in the manner prescribed by the Rules.

3.4. The main identifier of the Participant of the Program is the Participant’s mobile phone number in the format of a Ukrainian GSM-operator.

3.5. Program participants cannot be legal entities.

3.6. The program is designed exclusively for personal use by individuals. Bonuses of the Program cannot be transferred, sold, reimbursed for them or alienated in any way.

3.7. To change the Participant's ID in case of loss of a mobile phone, blocking, damaging or changing the SIM card, the Participant needs to contact the Program Manager in the Call Center or by email at,

3.8. The Program Participant by free and in no way unlimited will, consents to the processing of his personal data in the Database of the Organizer "Customer Base", voluntarily provided when filling out the questionnaire, in particular: surname, name, patronymic, location / residence (delivery address) , phone numbers, email, dates of birth, in any way not inconsistent with the current legislation of Ukraine according to the purpose of their processing, defined by these Rules, and on other conditions of these Rules. The data can be processed in card files, in electronic form and / or with the help of the information and telecommunication system of the Database of Buyers' personal data.

3.9. The organizer is relieved of any liability in the event that the data (information) provided by the Participant are erroneous and (or) unreliable.

3.10. The owner (manager) of the personal data base is the Organizer.

3.11. The processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine in order to carry out the activities of the Organizer (including, but not limited to, such actions as sending information and / or advertising messages about promotions or special offers by e-mailing or mailing, using the Viber program, short messages (SMS), etc.) and other events in the delivery network “Dostavka33”, “Pizza33”, “Sushi33”).

3.12. By this, the Participant informs and provides the Organizer with the consent to perform the following actions with the personal data of the participant (including the employees of the Organizer as part of their work duties):

• collection of personal data in the amount necessary to achieve the goal and objectives of processing personal data specified in paragraph 3.10 of this section of the Rules;

• processing of personal data, including, but not limited to, the collection, receipt, registration, accumulation, systematization, storage, adaptation, refinement (update, change, restore), use, distribution (distribution, implementation, transmission, including transfer to managers personal data and to third parties that the Organizer determines independently, including transferring relations with personal data to foreign entities, and cross-border transfer to any managers or third parties at the discretion of the Organizer, provided that the personal data is adequately protected). The Participant agrees that the Organizer is not obliged to individually inform the Participant about such transfer, blocking, destruction of personal data, as well as any other actions or a set of actions related to the processing of personal data, in order to process them, including processing in internal and / or corporate systems, resources, programs, databases of the Organizer, including using information (automated) systems;

• Amendments to the personal data of the participant on the treatment of other subjects of relations related to personal data, in the manner prescribed by the current legislation of Ukraine.

3.13. Personal data is stored in the Database for the time when the subject of personal data is a member of the Program, as well as for ten years after the last use of the Program. If a participant has not used the Program for ten years in a row, his personal data is deleted (destroyed) from the Database in the manner prescribed by the Organizer’s internal documents.

3.14. When processing personal data, LLC “PIZZA DELIVERY” LLC takes all the necessary organizational and technical measures to protect personal data from unlawful or accidental access to them, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions.

3.15. Buyers' use of bonuses, advertising and other special offers provided to the buyers of the delivery network: “Dostavka33”, “Pizza33”, “Sushi33” within the Program, implies that the Participants are informed and agreed with these Rules.

3.16. The term of the Participant’s status as a Program Member is unlimited and covers the entire duration of the Program.


4.1. Bonuses are activated (become available for use) after making the first purchase of goods and services of the delivery network: “Dostavka33”, “Pizza33”, “Sushi33”.

4.2. The amount of bonuses accrued to the Participant of the Program is formed in accordance with the procedure established by these Rules.

4.3. In order to accrue / use bonuses, the Program Participant is obliged to announce to the Call Center Manager a mobile phone number, which is the Program Participant ID.

4.4. Receipt and use of non-monetary benefits in the framework of advertising and marketing campaigns (events) held by the Organizer for Program Participants is established by the rules for conducting such events. Such rules are published by the Organizer or other persons on his behalf in advertising or other informational messages, as well as on the official websites of the Organizer:,

4.5. The organizer has the right to refuse to the buyer the accrual / use of bonuses, to remove or terminate them under the following circumstances (but not limited to them):

4.5.1. use or attempt to use bonuses in a manner that does not comply with the terms of the Program;
4.5.2. any reasonable suspicion of abuses by the Participant regarding his participation in the Program;

4.5.3. the absence of any operations on the Program Participant ID (phone number) within 24 (twenty four) months;
4.5.4. other circumstances that the Organizer will consider as significant for refusal to accrue / use bonuses or participate in the Program.

4.6. The organizer has the right to write off from the Participant of the program bonuses credited incorrectly related to the purchase, which was canceled, in case of return of the goods, as well as in the event of fraud and / or unfair actions with the Participant ID and / or balance of bonuses.


5.1. The system of providing Program Members with discounts on the purchase of dishes, goods in the delivery system: “Dostavka33”, “Pizza33”, “Sushi33” is carried out by implementing accumulated bonuses (Bonus system) for purchases made by such a participant.

5.2. Bonuses are credited to the Participant ID by the formula: 1 bonus = 1 UAH of the purchase amount.

5.3. Accumulated bonuses The participant can sell on the purchase of goods from the delivery network: “Dostavka33”, “Pizza33”, “Sushi33” for their bonus value.
5.4. The bonus cost of dishes, goods is charged according to the forum: "With / product / 2 * 100", and may change if the cost of the dish, product, ingredients.

5.5. Under the purchase of food, goods for the bonus value means a purchase for UAH 0.01, including VAT.

5.6. Bonuses are available for use / realization within 3 (three) calendar months from the moment of their accrual. After 3 (three) calendar months, the corresponding number of bonuses is automatically deducted from the Member ID.

5.7. When using bonuses, the corresponding number of bonuses is debited from the Member ID.

5.8. The organizer has the right to develop and implement other ways to accumulate bonuses.

5.9. A Program Participant can check the number of accrued / available bonuses in his personal account on or, or by contacting the Organizer's Call Center (044) 573-33-33.

5.10. For dishes, products of the category “Lunches”, “Alcoholic beverages”, “Together cheaper”, bonuses are not accrued.
5.11. The organizer has the right, at its discretion, to exclude certain categories of dishes, products, products from the bonus system.


6.1. Any Program Participant may terminate participation in the Program by sending a letter of application for termination of participation to the email address: or

6.2. This application letter should contain the following required data: name, mobile phone number (ID of the Program Participant), date of completion of participation. After receipt of the application by the Organizer, receipt / accrual and use of bonuses with this Participant ID will be blocked.